Welcome to the 26th Annual UCLA Healthcare Symposium

Thank you for Attending the 26th Annual UCLA Healthcare Symposium!

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Here are some articles recommended by the speakers:

Depression Remission From Community Coalitions Versus Individual Program Support for Services: Findings From Community Partners in Care, Los Angeles, California, 2010–2016

Community-Partnered Cluster-Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Trial of Community Engagement and Planning or Resources for Services to Address Depression Disparities


Applying Community-partnered participatory research ApproaChes to develop Covid-19 solutions

This year, UCLA medical students are joined by public health students to continue the tradition of bringing together faculty, students, and community members for the annual Healthcare Symposium. Historically, this event has sought to explore new and emerging trends in healthcare, with the hope of catalyzing discussion and engagement by students, faculty, and the broader community. This year’s symposium will focus on innovative solutions in our broken healthcare system. More specifically, we hope the symposium will provide a solution-oriented lens to address mental healthcare access, housing and food insecurity, and diversity in medicine. We hope that you can join us!