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Health Care Symposium

"Immigration and Health: Status, Access, and Bridging the Disparity "


23rd Annual UCLA Health Care Symposium

Saturday, February 9th, 8:30am - 1:30pm, Geffen Hall, UCLA 


With over 12 million individuals nationwide and nearly 2.4 million within California, the undocumented immigrant population is an undeniable segment of our nation's makeup. Still, an undocumented immigrant's access to healthcare systems is limited and often nonexistent, leading to poorer outcomes and diminished population health. With a shifting political climate, we as a society must begin to reckon with the impact of legislation on the health and outcomes of its most vulnerable populations. This year’s symposium will explore the relationship between immigration and the healthcare system, as well as discuss how the healthcare system can use social justice as a means to improve access to healthcare for immigrants in the United States.


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The Health Care Symposium is organized by UCLA medical students. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors!

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Schedule and program will be updated at a later date